Installation Instructions:

  1. Use a flat plastic, metal or wood cell phone case.  If  your case is rounded, you will lightly bend the wings to match the case contour in step 8. Very rubbery, porous or textured cases should not be used because the adhesive may not bond to it sufficiently.
  2. Clean the oil and film off the back of your cell phone case and make sure it is completely dry.  Do not apply and cure in cold weather, the adhesive will not bond.
  3. Pull the four plastic adhesive protectors off the back of the MagnaMorph metal base plate.
  4. Orientate the metal base plate in the exact center of your phone then rotate it so the two micro rails are perpendicular with the width of your case.
  5. Once balanced press the adhesive firmly to the phone case. Make sure there’s full contact over the entire surface area of the adhesive and allow 24 hours to permanently bond.  Adding heat and stacking weight such as books to keep the pressure on overnight will significantly make the bond stronger.
  6. Slide the metal slide between your case and the installed base plate so it’s hugging the side of your phone.
  7. Bend the two protruding antenna inward, around the lip of your case till it almost touches your screen. Closer the better so they don’t snag on fabric.
  8. Play time J

Miscellaneous FAQ

How do I bend the prongs on the slide?

Completely insert the slide into the rails between the metal and the back of the phone case.  Then use a butter knife to bend the two prongs around the phone case just shy of touching your screen protector.

Will the magnets hurt my phone?

Not in our experience. After 6 years of having these magnets on the back of the flagship models, there has been no damage to any phones.

Is the Adhesive removable?

This mount is considered permanent. However, if the adhesive must be removed you can use a hairdryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive and slowly peel it back. Worst case use dental floss like a cheese cutter to slowly pull the adhesive out from under the mount. Please note that you will not be able to reuse an adhesive mount once you remove it.