MagnaMorph is like superman. It is a highly durable phone magnet with patented technology which allows a user with any kind of phone to attach their phone to virtually anything.

Designed from the standpoint of an extreme athlete, and inspired by the science fiction “tri quarters”, these powerful magnets “morph” to fit the environment of whatever experience you are trying to capture.

The only limitations to what the Magnamorph can do are the bounds of your imagination.

While many phone cases are water proof and are relatively impact resistant the MagnaMorph is different because of the fact that it simply enhances the use of your existing mobile phone.

With the Magnamorph you can capture amazing action footage and not worry about damaging your smartphone. The Magnamorph eliminates the need for an expensive action video camera.

With its powerful magnets (Ryan should add magnet stats here)

• Attach it to your clothes
MagnaMorph can bond through fabric holding your smart phone in place! Clip it on snowboarding jackets, skateboarding shorts, tank tops, t-shirts and other athletic gear to take great action shots from a different perspective!

• Ditch the selfie stick
Magnamorph eliminates the need for a selfie stick. Set up your phone from the ground, from the wall, or from above – unlimited perspectives!

• Create a tripod

One of the most innovative uses of Magnamorph is having the ability to turn your phone into a tripod. By just movig some magnetic components around and finding a countertop, treebranch, windowsill or wall you can make nature your tripod stand.

• Create a GPS

GPS systems are out of style and out of budget. MagnaMorph can quickly transform your smartphone into a GPS system. Just find a place to clip onto your car dashboard and use your map system on your smart phone to safely get you to your destinations!

The Magnamorph is infinitely better than actually holding the phone and trying to get directions from one location to another location. With MagnaMorph just connect your smart phone to your dashboard without sticky tape or other methods. Be safe, be hands free, keep your hands on the wheel. Skype, video conferencing, learn Spanish, and quick disconnect to take calls. New possibilities abound!

When you are enjoying an amazing experience you want others to be able to experience it from your point of view as well. This was what inspired the idea for the MagnaMorph.

I’m a big action sports guy, I love to snowboard, rock climb, kiteboard, and all kinds of other cool stuff. I wanted to be able to throw a magnet on somewhere where it perfectly stuck and I could stop worrying about my phone. I also didn’t want to deal with setting up clunky chest cams, and helmet cams. The simplicity in the design is what made it so enjoyable for me to use early on, and what eventually led me to have the desire to share it with others.